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Wedi Features & Benefits

With a Wedi Shower System you will enjoy a worry free tile shower.

Waterproof: Unlike other shower pan products Wedi is 100% waterproof, guaranteed.

Mold and Mildew proof: Wedi is made of material that mold cannot feed off of.

Economical: Wedi is installed much quicker than other products which save labor costs and speeds completion time so as to turn over a bathroom to a client faster.

Lightweight: Wedi is polystyrene foam and is easy to cut to any size.

Structurally Sound: Wedi does not fail or decay over time. It will last a lifetime.

Complete: Wedi offers every accessory wanted in a shower such as ramps, niches, etc.

Green: Insulating, non-hazardous, non-polluting, ozone friendly and can be recycled.

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