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Free Triple Pane Upgrade

Do You Wish You Had New Windows?

The Sunrise factory authorized promotion this Fall is truly a unique opportunity to dramatically upgrade your windows and save a lot of money doing it.  The offer is this,  Starting  October 1st and going thru to November 15th when you purchase Sunrise Restorations windows from Masonry & Glass Systems you receive a free upgrade to triple pane glass at no additional charge. The triple pane glass can take your windows from costing you money every day to saving you money in a very significant way both in the winter and summer. Ultra S triple pane from Sunrise offers the following advantages over dual pane;

1.           57% better  Insulation factor than dual pane.

2.           20% more resistant to condensation.

3.           Will further reduce solar heat gain in the summer

4.           Much better protection from outside noise

5.           Added security of 3 layers of glass between you and the outside.

You can buy the future in window technology today at no additional cost. This offer represents real value and will add significant comfort to your home as drafts near your windows will be eliminated. As the U.S. Government through EPA continues to mandate more efficient windows triple pane will become the glass of choice for more and more replacement window manufacturers. This offer gives you the ability to buy one of the best windows in the marketplace, Restorations, with a glass package that truly makes this window the last you will ever need. Triple Pane Restorations Windows from Masonry & Glass Systems, a luxury that now makes more sense than ever before.

fall promo 2013

Installed Glass Block is also 25% off
from October 1st thru November 15th

This is a significant discount and represents a real value when you can save 25% and receive professional installation from our award winning installation team.  On a typical 4 window glass block basement window installation this Fall Offer can save at least  $200.00 vs. our normal pricing.   This discount also applies to bathroom windows and walk-in glass block showers installed also.  Now, you can receive all the benefits of glass block windows, SECURITY, ENERGY SAVINGS, DURABILITY, LIGHT WITH PRIVACY all in a maintenance free installation for 25% Off.  Installation in most cases is less than a day.

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