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Fiber Optic Glass Block Wall

  • Project Value:$800.000
  • Date:01/28/16

Fiber optics in glass block walls are not difficult as long as the project has proper planning and design.   This blog will show various walls using fiber optics.  Always keep in mind when designing fiber optics in glass block that you must allow for a continuous loop of fiber.  On this bullnose accent wall the fiber optic is installed going up the jamb. The glass block is installed using silicone and the bond coating has been removed from the edge of the block receiving the light from the fiber optic cable.  This can also be accomplished using 90 degree corner blocks.  The corner has the fiber optic installed. The glass block wall is then broken down into smaller panels and installed. You can also put fiber optics in shower walls. You can integrate the fiber cable through the shower curb and up the glass block wall. Masonry & Glass Systems can fabricate, ship and install if necessary fiber optic glass block walls for your project.

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