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Restorations Double Hung Test

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Double Hung

Do You Wish You Had New Vinyl Replacement Windows with Triple Pane?

1.           57% better insulation factor than dual pane.

2.           20% more resistant to condensation.

3.           Will further reduce solar heat gain in the summer

4.           Much better protection from outside noise

5.           Added security of 3 layers of glass between you and the outside.

You can buy the future in window technology today at no additional cost. This offer represents real value and will add significant comfort to your home as drafts near your windows will be eliminated. As the U.S. Government through EPA continues to mandate more efficient windows triple pane will become the glass of choice for more and more replacement window manufacturers. This offer gives you the ability to buy one of the best windows in the marketplace, Sunrise Restorations, with a glass package that truly makes this window the last you will ever need. Replacement vinyl windows from Masonry & Glass Systems, a luxury that now makes more sense than ever before.

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The Beauty of Restorations Vinyl Replacement Windows by Masonry & Glass Systems

replacement window page 1Introducing Sunrise Restoration Windows

Are you looking for affordable replacement double hung windows in St. Louis? The beauty of Sunrise double hung windows starts with an elegant cove-mold face. Due to new NOT JUST SKIN DEEP World Class Stürtz robotic equipment, these windows have smooth micro-abraded corner seams, perfect welds, and very tight tolerances of 1/32″. These features add to their elegance and eliminate air leaks. The beauty of this window goes deeper, however, to what you can’t see.!!!

It Starts with an Elegant Cove-Mold Face

  • Stunning new Cove-Mould Face on exterior creates a detailed wood-look.
  • World Class robotic construction adds elegance while eliminating air leaks.
  • The buttery smooth operation of the window due to the balance of the Sunrise design.
  • Invisible tilt hardware system enables one-touch operation of the tilt-in feature.

Beauty, elegance, energy efficiency and easy function!  Four great reasons to invest in Sunrise Restoration windows by Masonry and Glass Systems!

Design a Window That Really Reflects Your Style

With Restorations, you create a beautiful view you will enjoy day after day.  Choose the interior color or woodgrain that will best complement your home’s existing trim.

rsw interior corners 700

Madera Custom Interior Trim

In, addition, inspect your interior trim and drywall around your windows.  You may see scratches, fading or water damage.   You can specify brand new interior trim from Restorations called Madera.  With Madera interior trim you can completely transform your new windows to a beautiful totally finished look.

Madera is made from furniture quality oak or maple and comes pre-finished and pre-assembled for as faster, mess free installation that eliminates the need for a painter and so your job is finished quickly. It is available in a variety of finishes to coordinate with your windows.

madera finish options 700

Casing Profiles

You can select the casing profile you would like as well as keeping your existing window sill design or change it effortlessly with Madera.

casing profiles

Beauty. Comfort. Craftsmanship.

Our factory trained installers can transform your entire interior look with Madera at a fraction of the cost of custom carpentry and also offer installation speed and convenience as the Madera arrives with your new windows and is installed at the same time.

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Transform your new windows, affordably, and without a hassle, just ask us for a Medera option when we consult with you.

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Replacement Double Hung Windows in St. Louis

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