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Only the Best Windows for Your Home Beauty, Comfort, Craftsmanship, Value, Installed by Professionals
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Features: Lower Your Energy Costs – Advanced Technology Saves Your Money! Restoration Double Hung windows are many times tighter than most other windows.
Benefits: Less Energy used to heat and cool your home = Money saved!
Air Infiltration

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Features: Restoration Windows Feature Latitude High Performance Glass
Benefits: Extreme Energy Efficiency with lifetime glass warranty.
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Features: Peace and Quiet
Benefits: The world around is filled with noise pollution. Restorations windows by Masonry & Glass Systems, with NERG glass, offer significant reductions in unwanted noise entering your home a fraction of the cost of laminated glass.
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Features: Easy Cleaning Windows
Benefits: Restorations windows allow for safe and easy cleaning from inside your home, no ladders. You can also specify Solar Clean Glass – an amazing coating that reduces cleaning dramatically.
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Glass without Solar Clean,  Glass with Solar Clean
Features: Restoration Windows by Masonry & Glass Systems offer up to 27% more glass area than other windows
Benefits: When you buy windows, you want a window that does not reduce your view and light. Restorations windows provide you with the best of both worlds, energy savings without compromising your homes beauty and comfort.
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Features: What’s on the Inside Makes the Outside Even Better
Benefits: FiberCore Fiberglass Structural Technology increases the strength and durability of Restorations windows up to 9 times that of other vinyl windows.
Fiber Core Strength
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Features: Ultra Core Polyurethane Insulation
Benefits: Restoration windows are the most energy efficient choice, better than aluminum, wood or hollow vinyl. That makes our windows a good value now and in the future. In addition, the ultra core insulation makes our frames very condensation resistant.
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Benefits: When you purchase Restorations windows from Masonry & Glass Systems, you are buying your last windows for your home. We back this statement for a transferable lifetime warranty.
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1. What is a double hung window?
Answer: The window has vertical twin sashes that move up and down.
2. How are the double hung windows cleaned?
Answer: The two window sashes tilt in for ease of cleaning.
3. Are double hung windows the best design?
Answer: They are the most popular in St. Louis by far and are the easiest to clean and lend themselves to convenient ventilation.
4. Do double hung windows cost more or less than other window designs?
Answer: All project differ and in most cases double hung windows are no more money than the other window designs.