Basement Security Window Installation in St. Louis
Written by Fred Daues on December 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

basement security window installation in st. louisAre you looking for basement security window installation in St. Louis? This post will show the installation of security windows in a metal buck frame. The customer wanted a high performance window that offered security, egress, privacy and it should be maintenance free with no exterior painting. The existing window is removed leaving the metal buck frame and the security window is installed into the frame. The window is secured to the frame and dense blue board insulation is attached to the metal buck frame. The blue foam board acts as additional insulation helping to dramatically reduce the metal frame from sweating in the  winter. Then, aluminum coil is custom bent to the contour of the foam to make an attractive appearance and make the window totally maintenance free. To finish the exterior the window trim is totally sealed with white silicone sealant.

The interior of the window shows the dark metal buck frame. After the frame is painted white the finished window looks terrific on the inside.  The exterior when finished is equally nice with mitered corners and a clean new look.

These windows were installed by Masonry & Glass Systems award winning installation crews.

The after photo really says it all.  The window is a major improvement and the homeowner is well pleased by the award winning installers at Masonry & Glass Systems. Our glass block windows are mortared into place to make them secure against break ins and they are maintenance free as there is nothing to warp, paint or rust. Our glass block windows are energy efficient, there will be no drafts. Lastly, glass block from Masonry & Glass Systems allows light to come into your basement with privacy as there is no need for curtains, shutters or shades.

Basement Security Window Installation in St. Louis

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If you or someone you know is looking to replace their basement windows with a new energy efficient basement security window, please contact Masonry & Glass Systems in St. Louis. They specialize in replacement basement windows, security windows and all types of replacement windows. For more information, email them at: or call 314-535-6515