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Glass Block Bars/Partitions

Fiber Optic Glass Block Wall

Fiber optics in glass block walls are not difficult as long as the project has proper planning and design.   This blog will show various walls using fiber optics.  Always keep in mind when designing fiber optics in glass block masonry board that you must allow for a continuous loop of fiber.  On this bullnose accent […]

Glass Blocks in St. Louis: Masonry & Glass Systems

Looking for Glass Blocks in St. Louis? Glass Blocks are a marvelous building material that can be used in a variety of ways from functional to architectural and in a lot of applications can combine both. Kitchens are a new way to use the durability of glass block. Counters as a backsplash that add light […]

Glass Blocks in Kitchen Designs
August 6, 2014 in Glass Block Bars/Partitions

Masonry & Glass Systems recently completed a project where glass block was used as an accent in a kitchen design.  Corner block were used to highlight under a counter. There was also a glass block wall used in a couple of locations with a bullnose end block. In addition wavy pattern glass block was used […]

Glass Block Bars & Partitions
August 28, 2012 in Glass Block Bars/Partitions

DEFINE SPACE AND TRANSFER LIGHT Glass Block bars installed by Masonry & Glass Systems are a the ultimate in entertainment architecture. You can design radius walls that change color with neon or fiber optics. Your bar can match the color of whatever holiday you are celebrating or just be the color you wish at the […]

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