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Replacement Windows in St. Louis

Glass Block Basement Windows

Glass Block Basement Window

There are 3 primary styles of glass block you can select from Masonry & Glass Systems for your basement windows. All of the patterns have a distinct look and offer various degrees of privacy. Wave Pattern is our most popular style and continues to be selected by the majority of customers. It distorts images and […]

Glass Block Windows in Older Homes
October 14, 2013 in Glass Block Basement Windows

Installing large glass block windows in older homes first requires professional lead containment services that Masonry & Glass Systems provides. After all of the old wood and window is removed from the opening you have remaining the masonry opening. This is one of the areas where a pre-assembled glass block panel from Masonry & Glass […]

Replacing your basement windows: Glass Block Security Windows from Masonry & Glass Systems

This is a before photo of basement windows in south St Louis County. The window looks nice enough but it is one sheet of glass without any weather stripping that is not very secure.  With the installation of glass block from Masonry & Glass Systems the customer improves the looks of her home while adding […]

Glass Block Basement Windows in St. Louis

Many homeowners in the St Louis area have basement windows where the grade of earth is very near the bottom of the window or even above the bottom of the window such as what is pictured. When it rains hard many times the windows leak and the windows rust from the moisture. The SOLUTION…..Glass Block […]

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