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Window & Door Security Tips

Window & Door Security Tips THERE IS NO AREA IN YOUR HOME MORE VULNERABLE THAN WINDOWS AND DOORS HERE ARE 10 TIPS THAN CAN MAKE A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE IN YOUR HOME SECURITY. 1. Keep your windows and doors locked even when you or family are home. 2. Update your locking hardware on your entry doors […]

Replacing your basement windows: Glass Block Security Windows from Masonry & Glass Systems

This is a before photo of basement windows in south St Louis County. The window looks nice enough but it is one sheet of glass without any weather stripping that is not very secure.  With the installation of glass block from Masonry & Glass Systems the customer improves the looks of her home while adding […]

Glass Block Basement Windows in St. Louis

Many homeowners in the St Louis area have basement windows where the grade of earth is very near the bottom of the window or even above the bottom of the window such as what is pictured. When it rains hard many times the windows leak and the windows rust from the moisture. The SOLUTION…..Glass Block […]

Basement Windows With Glass Blocks
July 1, 2013 in Security Windows

Masonry & Glass Systems can perform many services when it comes to basement windows. One of those services is cladding the exterior of the window either to cover an unsightly window detail or just to enhance the look of the window. In the first photo you see our window being mortared in place and secured […]

Glass Block Basement Window
May 31, 2013 in Security Windows

Glass Block Basement Window: Safe, Secure and Efficient The most popular size glass block basement window is as shown in the pictures. It is very important  for the window to look its best the installer needs to level and plumb the prefabricated glass block panel before he mortars it in place. After he has checked […]

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