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FREE Upgrade to Internal Blinds
October 29, 2014 in Patio Doors in St. Louis

The Sunrise window company makes a very high quality patio door.  It comes standard with a lot of features that most patio door manufacturers charge extra for.  One of the best standard features is the triple lock system. The triple lock system is simply the most secure patio door available that I know of.  The […]

Replacement Patio Doors in St. Louis
May 2, 2014 in Patio Doors in St. Louis

When looking for replacement patio doors in St. Louis, please consider the Sunrise patio door from Masonry & Glass Systems. It is truly a unique value in the marketplace. The door comes standard with a triple lock that makes this patio door one of the most secure vinyl patio doors in the industry. In addition […]

How to Secure a Patio Door

We get the question asked all the time “How to Secure a Patio Door?” Many times a customer who has a patio door in a location in their home that they feel is “ a weak link” in terms of security ask Masonry & Glass Systems how they can secure the door if they replace it.  […]

French Doors in St. Louis

This French Door replacement job was completed with custom shutters installed on the interior of the French Doors. Please note the terrific detail around the locksets that  complements the French Door. The overall shutter installation looks terrific and will darken the area when it is used as a bedroom. Entry door replacement by Masonry & […]

French Doors With Shutters
May 30, 2013 in Patio Doors in St. Louis

French Doors With Wood Shutters This French Door was installed by Masonry & Glass Systems and the customer decided to add wooden shutters to both doors. The detail is very attractive, especially around the flair door handles. Wooden door shutters add a lot of design flair and with the construction of a Pro Via French […]

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