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Replacement Windows in St. Louis

Glass Block Windows

New Glass Block Windows in St. Louis
June 14, 2016 in Glass Block Windows

Are you looking for new glass block windows in St. Louis? Sometimes a customer will call us and ask can we install a window where currently there is not one.  The answer to that is usually yes but it more costly to cut in a window versus just replacing it.  The results can be dramatic, […]

Installation Options For Glass Block Windows
March 22, 2015 in Glass Block Windows

Masonry & Glass Systems can offer a lot of different installation options for glass block windows. Sure, we can offer different styles of glass block to suit your privacy or style needs, but, we can also offer different finishes on the exterior. On a brick home we can wrap the exterior bathroom window with aluminum […]

Bathroom Window Options
January 22, 2015 in Glass Block Windows

Looking for bathroom window options? A common dilemma among designers, remodeling contractors and customers is what to do with a bathroom window? Many times the goals are the same, light transmission, privacy, ventilation, and design flair.  A hybrid window that we assemble at Masonry & Glass Systems can address all of those goals.  The glass […]

Glass Block Windows in Saint Louis
August 15, 2014 in Glass Block Windows

Masonry & Glass Systems assembles glass block into a vinyl frame so that builders and remodelers can simply nail up their glass block window just as they would for a conventional window with nail fins. The rough opening is simply constructed or the remodeler tells us what he has as an opening and the vinyl […]

Glass Blocks in St. Louis: Masonry & Glass Systems

Looking for Glass Blocks in St. Louis? Glass Blocks are a marvelous building material that can be used in a variety of ways from functional to architectural and in a lot of applications can combine both. Kitchens are a new way to use the durability of glass block. Counters as a backsplash that add light […]

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