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Glass Block Walls

Pre-Assembled Glass Block Showers

Pre-Assembled glass block showers do not have to be total free standing walls but can be inserted into a shower wall partition with masonry board to allow light with visual interest. As you can see in the first photo below, you have light entering from the jet tub via an exterior window and light from […]

Fiber Optic Glass Block Wall

Fiber optics in glass block walls are not difficult as long as the project has proper planning and design.   This blog will show various walls using fiber optics.  Always keep in mind when designing fiber optics in glass block masonry board that you must allow for a continuous loop of fiber.  On this bullnose accent […]

Glass Block Walls
February 7, 2014 in Glass Block Walls Uncategorized

Masonry & Glass Systems can install glass block walls quickly and efficiently. The new thinner glass block shapes make a stunning glass block partition. In most cases we can erect a wall in one day or less with a minimum of mess and trouble. We size the opening to work the glass block wall desired by […]

Walk In Glass Block Shower

This walk in glass block shower accomplishes many things. It provides light into the tub area instead of a wall blocking light and makes the shower a cherry area as natural light from the window enters the shower from the large glass block wall. What also defines this walk in glass block shower design is […]

Colored Glass Blocks

This photo shows the exciting colored glass block selections from Seves Glass Block made in Italy.  Masonry & Glass Systems can provide samples for your project as well as offer professional installation. The glass block are actual colored glass, not a coating or a paint and so the color is locked in and will not peal, scratch […]

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