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Masonry & Glass Systems can perform many services when it comes to basement windows. One of those services is cladding the exterior of the window either to cover an unsightly window detail or just to enhance the look of the window. In the first photo you see our window being mortared in place and secured by wedges at the top.  In the next photo the mortar has set up enough so that the wedges can be removed. The window is mortared in place to provide security as well as a tight seal to prevent outside air to enter around the window. In the next photo you see the finished window awaiting our aluminum  coil finish.  In this final photo you see the completed product with maintenance free aluminum coil framing the glass block window. Glass Block basement windows from Masonry & Glass Systems bring security to your home and look great!

basement windows with glass blocks 1

basement windows with glass blocks 2

basement windows with glass blocks 3

No more painting, caulking, storm windows or repairing broken sashes with Mulia glass block windows by Masonry & Glass Systems. Mulia glass block windows provide you with light AND privacy. Add beauty and security to your home with maintenance free energy efficient Mulia glass block installed in your basement windows.

Choose from three distinct patterns of glass block each offering its unique style and level of obscurity. Your basement windows have never looked so good as they will with glass block from Masonry & Glass Systems.

Glass block is available in many aesthetically pleasing sizes and styles. Glass block offers you virtually limitless design possibilities. Masonry & Glass Systems’ award winning installation crew will make your new glass block basement windows the talk of the neighborhood!

Glass Block Basement Windows in St. Louis

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