Written by Fred Daues on January 22, 2015 in Glass Block Windows

Looking for bathroom window options? A common dilemma among designers, remodeling contractors and customers is what to do with a bathroom window? Many times the goals are the same, light transmission, privacy, ventilation, and design flair.  A hybrid window that we assemble at Masonry & Glass Systems can address all of those goals.  The glass block distorted pattern allows privacy while emitting plenty of sunlight without light blocking curtains or shades.  The thermal slider on the top of the window allows for plenty of fresh air when you want it and it can be ordered with either clear or obscure glass.  Lastly, the window is clearly unique and gives function as well as distinction in a bathroom window.

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Bathroom Window Options in Saint Louis

Masonry & Glass Systems can work with a homeowner or a bathroom remodeling contractor to coordinate bathroom window options with glass block windows in Saint Louis installation within an renovation. The glass block are energy efficient and the customer still has the option for fresh air when required. Our Super Service Award winning window installation crews always seek to leave a job looking like this.

If you or someone you know is looking for glass block windows in Saint Louis, please contact Masonry & Glass Systems in St. Louis. They specialize in replacement windowssliding windowscasement windowsgarden windowsbay windowsstorm windows and historic windows. They are proud to be a glass block dealer for Mulia Glass Blocks. For more information, email them at: lmagee@www.masonryglass.com or call 314-535-6515

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Masonry & Glass Systems offers Glass Block Bathroom Windows installation in St. Louis.
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Installing Glass Block Bathroom Windows With Masonry & Glass Systems

1. Stunning new Cove-Mould Face on exterior creates a detailed wood-look.

2. World Class robotic construction adds elegance while eliminating air leaks.

3. The buttery smooth operation of the window due to the balance of Restorations’  Endura-Force™ design.

4. Invisible tilt hardware system enables one-touch operation of the tilt-in feature.

Beauty, elegance, energy efficiency and easy function!  Four great reasons to invest in Soft Lite’s Restorations Windows by Masonry and Glass Systems!