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Replacement Windows in St. Louis

Doorless Showers

Walk In Glass Block Shower

This walk in glass block shower accomplishes many things. It provides light into the tub area instead of a wall blocking light and makes the shower a cherry area as natural light from the window enters the shower from the large glass block wall. What also defines this walk in glass block shower design is […]

Custom glass block showers in St. Louis

One of the terrific attributes of glass block showers is how highly customizable it is.  You can use different sizes and shapes to make pretty much any design or layout that works for your bathroom space.  The glass block shower in this blog mixes clear and wavy block to make an interesting perspective allowing privacy […]

Wedi Shower Systems and glass blocks for a beautiful shower

A STOCKING WEDI DEALER Masonry & Glass Systems can ship Wedi backer board material almost anywhere. We ship custom Wedi Shower Systems every week! We ship to all 48 lower states! Call us Mon-Fri at 314-535-6515 or click the link below to receive a free quote for your Wedi Shower System This photo is the […]

Clear Glass Blocks For Showers

Masonry & Glass Systems is proud to introduce a new line of thinner, less expensive and yet unique glass blocks for showers.  The new line of glass block has a new distinct color that you will find very attractive.  What makes this new line so attractive is that it comes in multiple shapes so as […]

Using the Wedi Shower System with Glass Blocks

Many times a client wants to maximize the custom look of a glass block doorless shower. This can be done with using special shape blocks to accomplish unique designs. It can also be presented by using different materials within the glass block wall.  Masonry & Glass Systems can professionally install tile and stone within the […]

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