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Written by admin on November 1, 2021 in Window Replacement


There are appliances and elements around your home that you take for granted because they’ve always been there. You’ve never had to deal with renovations, so you’ve never considered the work that goes into replacement windows in Chesterfield, MO, and surrounding cities. However, windows are some of the most durable, interesting components of a home, and this article is all about exploring the interesting questions that you may have never asked before.

To the title question – no, windows don’t last forever, unfortunately. Windows are created from various materials, but the top four are – wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each of these materials has its own lifespan, often dependent on proper care and maintenance.

  • Wood windows’ longevity is between 25 to 30 years (sometimes longer).
  • Aluminum window’s longevity is up to 45 years.
  • Fiberglass windows’ longevity is an astounding 50 years (or longer).
  • Vinyl windows’ longevity is 15 to 20 years.

Can You DIY a Home Window Replacement?

Yes and no. Some home projects are easier to DIY, so you could probably DIY a window replacement if you know the dimensions and the window is small. However, for larger windows, the process is more complex. Ergo, you would be better off hiring a professional because they are 1) well-equipped to handle the job in both tools and experience, and 2) experts on the subject, so the work is done quicker and more efficiently.

Can You Get Windows in Different Colors and Sizes to Boost the Creative Vibe of Your Home?

Yes! When you want to give your home a creative, kinda artsy vibe, you can snag window replacements in different colors and sizes. It’s easier to do with some materials like fiberglass or vinyl because those materials can be heated and molded to match your requests.

The cons? The sunshine can fade your colorful windows over time. If you want your windows’ custom colors to remain vibrant, it’s important to maintain proper upkeep, like regular sealant and professional care.

Which Windows are the Most Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly?

Vinyl and fiberglass windows are considered the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly window replacement options. Fiberglass is the stronger contender of the two though because vinyl is made from PVC, which is plastic, and plastic is sealed with chemicals. Sometimes these chemicals can aerate during hot weather, causing trace vapors that will give some people headaches.

replacement windows in Chesterfield MO

Windows can be energy efficient by being natural insulators, saving you money on electric bills. Fiberglass windows, for instance, protect against harmful UV rays, while also insulating your home from sweltering or freezing temperatures. You stay comfortable indoors at whatever temperature you have your thermostat set to. Fiberglass is a little newer to home improvement options, but it’s, thus far, proven stronger and more durable than most materials.

Now that you know more about the wonderful world of windows, you have more knowledge about which replacement windows to choose if you’re ever faced with home improvement or renovations. It can be exciting to renovate your home, especially when you’re dotting your house with views of the beautiful outside world.

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