replacement windows in Chesterfield, MO
Written by admin on May 27, 2019 in Window Replacement

There are differences between wants and needs. While you might need a car to get to and from work, you want a car with Wi-Fi so the kids won’t bug you while you’re driving. If you are looking into Chesterfield, MO replacement windows, do you want them or need them? There’s no right or wrong answer here. You can get replacement windows for any reason, whether it’s because you really need them or because you just want them. However, most homeowners wait until they need windows to take the steps towards getting them. Here’s how you tell the difference between the two.

You Want Windows If They Function Fine

If your windows are maybe out of date style-wise or not a color you like anymore (and they’re vinyl so you can’t change them!) but they work well, then you probably just want new windows. Windows that don’t leak air and open and close fine are in decent shape. They may not look the way you want them to, but you can wait on getting new ones if you can stand the appearance for that much longer.

You Need Windows If They Don’t Function Well

On the other hand, if your windows leak air like crazy or won’t open and close, you really do need new ones. Air leakage leads to high energy bills, low energy efficiency, and plenty of discomfort in your home. And when the windows won’t open, it’s a pain for ventilation, but it’s also a safety hazard. You need that emergency exit in case anything ever happens.

You Want Windows If Maintenance Bugs You

Not many people enjoy scraping and painting windows every year and if you don’t like it, either, but you do it anyway, you probably just want new windows so you can avoid the extra work. When you do get windows, go vinyl so you won’t have that chore any longer. You can certainly get new windows just for this reason, but you may hold off until you really need them.

You Need New Windows If Maintenance Was Neglected

If you moved into a house that the previous owners didn’t care for well or if you let maintenance slide on the windows yourself, you could really need new ones. When windows warp and start to rot, they’re out of commission for good and you need replacement windows as soon as you can get them.

There are plenty of other needs and wants that revolve around Chesterfield, MO replacement windows and if you need help telling the difference, the experts at Masonry & Glass Systems Inc can help. Give us a call at (314) 535-6515 ad we’ll go over whatever needs and wants you have. We’ll make recommendations to you based on our knowledge and expertise and we’ll help you every step of the way if you decide to move forward. Stop by and visit our showroom to take a look at options in person at 1503 S Kingshighway Blvd St Louis, MO 63110.