Written by Fred Daues on February 3, 2014 in Helpful Tips

No one likes drafty windows – no matter what season. There are a few quick fixes to solve this common house problem. These quick fixes can certainly help stop that breeze in its tracks and ultimately help bring your energy bills down.


Remember, windows and doors play a huge role in terms of cost efficiency for heating and cooling sources. If not properly sealed against drafts, then expect your bills to go up. Aside from going into the usual solution of window replacement (unless the window is very old and beyond fixing already), there are quite a number of easy fixes that can reduce air drafts in windows. Some of them are as follows.


  1. Check the condition of the caulking around the exterior of your windows and if you see cracks and gaps remove the old caulk and replace with a good grade silicone sealant.


  1. If your windows do not close, securely inspect the locks and make sure the work smoothly and and line up. If the locks stick apply some silicone lubricant and if they need adjustment do that as well so that the window sashes properly seal to one another.


  1. Inspect the weather-stripping that seals the window sash to the frame of the window. If you see gaps or the weather-strip is worn or missing replace the weather-stripping. You can get replacement weather-stripping most of the time from the window manufacturer.


  1. You can identify the manufacturer of your windows by a sticker that is usually in an area that you have to look for. A lot of window manufacturers put the sticker in a pocket at the top of a double hung or casement. A slider would also be in the top pocket or side pocket.


  1. If you have storm windows make sure that they are fully closed and not slightly ajar. Many times the storms are opened in the spring and not fully closed for the fall and winter.


If all of these steps fail and you are still uncomfortable it may be time for new windows. Just make sure that you check the air infiltration ratings to make sure that the new windows you are buying will be as efficient as you are expecting. If the company cannot provide air infiltration information to you, beware.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Draft in Windows


Why is there a draft coming through my windows?

If you notice a cool breeze coming through your windows it means there’s an issue with the seal. This could be between frame and wall or glass, so don’t forget to check both sides! A properly sealed window retains heat inside but also blocks any escaping cold air – making them great for keeping things cozy on particularly chilly days (or nights).


How do you check for air leaks around windows?

Check your door and window frames for cracks, as well as the caulking around them. And see if you can rattle any of these doors or windows by shaking it side-to-side – movement means possible air leaks!


How do I know if my house is drafty?

Hold a lit candle near one of the windows in your house. If it flickers or goes out, there’s drafty airflow right where you’re standing!