window replacement in Kirkwood, MO
Written by Fred Daues on July 6, 2020 in Window Replacement

When you need replacement windows in Kirkwood, MO, you have two main choices. First, you can avoid the issues and simply carry on as usual. Second, you can get replacement windows. Here are some categories that go over getting those replacement windows now versus later and how that can impact your home and your lifestyle in various areas.

Possible Home Damage

If you get replacement windows now, you are going to stop any home damage that is occurring because of old windows in its tracks. The damage can be fixed and stopped where it is and whatever was happening will no longer happen in your home. On the other side, if you don’t get new windows now, and decide to put it off until later, the damage can continue on and become much worse. If your windows are rotting, for example, that rot could move into your studs on the house and become a much larger structural issue. If you know there’s damage occurring, stopping it right away is best.

The Home Budget

Most homeowners have a budget for their household. When you have old windows in place, you have to put a large chunk of that budget towards utility bills every month. That large bill is going to keep coming, and possibly get worse when you leave the old windows in place on your home. Instead, if you get new windows installed, the large bills will go away for good. Your bills will get much smaller right away and they will stay nice and small for decades into the future. You can use that saved cash to pay yourself back for the windows or to save for another project. Leaving the old windows alone means enduring the large bills for that much longer.

Home Value

Old windows take away from home value. They bring the curb appeal of your house down and they also chip away at the value of the home in other ways. The home value will keep going down the longer you keep the old windows. On the other side, if you get new windows, you will put a new lease on life into your home’s value. Your curb appeal will be fresh and new and your home value will be much higher than before. If you sell your home, it will go for more money (and likely faster!) and you will be able to pay yourself back for the investment in the windows.

Getting replacement windows in Kirkwood, MO when you need them is in your best interest in a variety of ways. You need to keep an eye on those windows and replace them at just the right time before they turn on your home. The professionals at Masonry & Glass Systems Inc are happy to give you an in-home consultation and window inspection whenever you think your windows might need to be replaced. We’ll give you an honest opinion about your situation as if your home were our own and the windows were for our family.