Written by Fred Daues on March 7, 2012 in Security Windows

Many times when we are called for a glass block estimate we find basement window frames that are totally rusted.   The frames need to be removed but the interior of the basement may be finished that makes removal very difficult.   Also, when siding is close to the top of the window removal is a challenge.  What is the solution?   Masonry & Glass Systems will install a glass block window in the existing rusted frame after cleaning it up, finish the mortar on the inside so that the finished interior is not disturbed.  On the outside we wrap the rusted steel frame with white aluminum coil and caulk to seal it with silicone sealant.  The result, a beautiful,secure, maintenance free, and energy efficient window that you can be proud of that adds value to your home by taking a rusting, ugly window and turning it into an asset for your home.

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