This particular glass block shower design was a challenge because the customer had already ordered the base before he had decided to go with glass block. Masonry & Glass Systems completed this installation using the new Mulia Special shapes glass block that is only 3 1/8 inches thick.  The special glass blocks used were the wave pattern in 90 degree Veer and the 8 x 8 bullnose. The installation by our award winning installers was designed to use our pre-fabricated system. The final look using a black onyx base and walls with the wave pattern glass block is stunning.

Masonry & Glass Systems can assist in the application of your new glass block shower design with extensive assistance with proven designs that we can install or ship anywhere. glass block shower design 1 Masonry & Glass Systems partnering with Mulia making glass block showers more affordable, easier to design and more efficient to professionally install. With our ability to ship modular glass block walk in showers or other your own glass block shower design we can provide a single source solution for your new bathroom needs. To further make the process simple and yet beautiful we can also provide custom curbs for the glass block walls to sit on manufactured by WEDI and fabricated by Masonry & Glass Systems. These custom built curbs are installed on top of our Wedi shower pans that are easily cut to fit any shower dimension.


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