Glass Block Shower 4
Written by Fred Daues on December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

glass block shower 3This glass block shower is a very unique design. The client wanted two walls of different heights.

The shower walls were to also have a tile wall on the top as a design element.

When we pre-assemble our glass block showers the glass block joints are extremely straight as you can see.

The shower features a toweling off area. Masonry & Glass Systems fabricated this shower in our shop facility.

We used Mulia Wave Pattern with 8 x 8, 6 x 8 22.5 degree radius block and bullnose block and we can custom design a walk in shower for you and ship it to wherever you wish.

Masonry & Glass Systems partnering with Mulia makes a glass block shower more affordable, easier to design and more efficient to professionally install.

With our ability to ship a modular glass block shower or other designs we can provide a single source solution for your new bathroom needs. To further make the process simple and yet beautiful we can also provide custom curbs for the glass block walls to sit on manufactured by WEDI and fabricated by Masonry & Glass Systems. These custom built curbs are installed on top of our Wedi shower pans that are easily cut to fit any shower dimension.


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