Written by Fred Daues on October 14, 2013 in Glass Block Basement Windows

Installing large glass block windows in older homes first requires professional lead containment services that Masonry & Glass Systems provides. After all of the old wood and window is removed from the opening you have remaining the masonry opening. This is one of the areas where a pre-assembled glass block panel from Masonry & Glass Systems provides real value as the window is quickly enclosed but the workmanship is first class even though the opening is quickly closed.  Notice we eliminated all of the wood so that there is nothing to paint or maintain. There is an arch above the window and the way that is handled is that bricks are installed above the glass block window but recessed back so that the mortar can be applied to the face of the brick. This is the same mortar that is used to assemble the panel and so you have a perfect match. The result is a beautiful glass block window that is a secure, light transmitting window that is maintenance free and energy efficient.

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Glass Block Window in St. Louis

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