Written by Fred Daues on August 6, 2014 in Glass Block Bars/Partitions

Masonry & Glass Systems recently completed a project where glass block was used as an accent in a kitchen design.  Corner block were used to highlight under a counter.

glass blocks kitchen designs 2

There was also a glass block wall used in a couple of locations with a bullnose end block.

IMG 1492 500

In addition wavy pattern glass block was used as a cabinet end cap

glass blocks kitchen designs 1

In the bath our block was used as a partition to offer privacy.

glass blocks kitchen designs 3

All of these panels were pre-assembled in our facility.  The designer wanted an all glass look and so the glass block panels were assembled using opaque silicone sealant with our spacer system.  We submitted drawings to the designer for approval and then fabricated. Glass Block defines space, offers visual excitement and design flair all without using a lot of the material.

Our award winning installers and professional estimators stand ready to make your glass block project a reality with an affordable cost and true quality.

When looking for glass blocks in St. Louis, Masonry & Glass Systems can work with a homeowner or a bathroom remodeling contractor to coordinate a glass block bathroom window installation within an entire bathroom renovation. The glass block are energy efficient and the customer still has the option for fresh air when required. Our Super Service Award winning window installation crews always seek to leave a job looking like this.

If you or someone you know is looking for glass blocks in St. Louis, please contact Masonry & Glass Systems. They specialize in all types of glass blocks in St. Louis in all different sizes. For more information on colored glass blocks please email them at: lmagee@www.masonryglass.com or call 314-535-6515. They are proud to be a glass block dealer for Mulia Glass Blocks