Written by Fred Daues on August 29, 2011 in Historic Windows

Historic Windows in St. Louis

This historic home is in the Soulard Area of St. Louis. The windows replaced on the side and rear of the house were aluminum clad Custom Shield pocket windows by Weather Shield with simulated divided lites. The front of the home has specific historical replicas used as as replacements. The windows look terrific and the installation by Masonry & Glass Systems was professional. The job was coordinated with the historical board and the homeowner By Harrison Winter with Masonry & Glass Systems.

Historic Windows in St. Louis

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Replacement Windows in Saint Louis from Masonry & Glass Systems

1. Stunning new Cove-Mould Face on exterior creates a detailed wood-look.

2. World Class robotic construction adds elegance while eliminating air leaks.

3. The buttery smooth operation of the window due to the balance of Restorations’  Endura-Force™ design.

4. Invisible tilt hardware system enables one-touch operation of the tilt-in feature.

Beauty, elegance, energy efficiency and easy function!  Four great reasons when looking for Sunrise Replacement Windows in St. Louis by Masonry and Glass Systems! For more information on new replacement windows in St. Louis, visit our window site at www.mystlwindows.com