Written by Fred Daues on November 14, 2012 in Replacement Windows in St. Louis

Many customers over the years have asked how do you remove and replace my old windows. In this blog I will show how Masonry & Glass Systems removes aluminum windows from a typical brick home in St. Louis. In following blogs I will use this same window to show the new window installed and how we insulate it to prevent air infiltration and also a finished picture to show how we cover up the old caulk lines on the brick from the old window frame. This is not a lead containment job as we are not disturbing any lead paint because the windows have not been painted, they are aluminum.

how to remove old windows 1

The existing aluminum slider which will be removed. Masonry & Glass will first remove all the glass.

how to remove old windows 2

The first piece that is removed is the jamb so that the top piece is no longer secured on both sides.

how to remove old windows 3

The top piece of the window or head is removed.

how to remove old windows 4

This is what the opening looks like after the old aluminum window has been removed. Note the caulk lines attached to the brick and the different dimensions from the inside to the outside.


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