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We get the question asked all the time “How to Secure a Patio Door?” Many times a customer who has a patio door in a location in their home that they feel is “ a weak link” in terms of security ask Masonry & Glass Systems how they can secure the door if they replace it.  This blog will demonstrate one option that we can provide that is a permanent solution to How to Secure a Patio Door.  This customer had just had a break-in and one entire door of a two door patio unit was completely broken out.

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The answer we proposed was to not replace the patio door with same but to install a much more secure door while at the same time preserving light transmission.  The door is an insulated steel door with lock and deadbolt and the glass block is wave pattern with white grout.

how to secure a patio door 3

On the exterior we provided a maintenance free door with a factory applied paint finish, and wrapped any exposed wood surfaces in white aluminum coil and then caulked with silicone.

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The interior is finished in pine moldings that the customer can either paint or stain to their preference.  This door replacement installation provided the customer with a much more secure door, better energy efficiency, plenty of light, looks great and enhances the value of their home.

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How to Secure a Patio Door

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