Written by Fred Daues on October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Installed Glass Block is going to be 25% off from October 1st thru November 15th.

This is a significant discount and represents a real value when you can save 25% and receive professional installation from our award winning installation team.  On a typical 4 window glass block basement window installation this Fall Offer can save at least  $200.00 vs. our normal pricing.   This discount also applies to bathroom windows and walk-in glass block showers installed also.  Now, you can receive all the benefits of glass block windows, SECURITY, ENERGY SAVINGS, DURABILITY, LIGHT WITH PRIVACY all in a maintenance free installation for 25% Off.  Installation in most cases is less than a day.

installed glass block now 2

installed glass block now 3

installed glass block now 1