replacement windows in Clayton, MO
Written by Fred Daues on September 3, 2018 in Window Replacement

When you invest in Clayton, MO replacement windowsyou want those windows to look as good next year as they do the day after they are installed. If you choose vinyl windows, you won’t have to do much to them to keep them in good shape. But, like anything else, you will have to clean them to keep them shiny and new. At least there won’t be any sanding or refinishing to worry about. Use these tips to make your replacement windows last and look as good as new for the long haul.  

Tip 1: Conduct Inspections 

You will use your windows on a daily basis, whether you open them to let in fresh air or just look outside at the views around your house. Take a little time every few months to look at your replacement windows closely so you know what they need and when they need it. Test the operation to make things are smooth and effortless. If there is a bit of dirt gathering on the frames, either inside or out, schedule yourself a little cleaning time in the near future.  

Tip 2: Gather The Right Supplies 

Cleaning replacement windows made from vinyl materials doesn’t take anything huge or fancy. All you need is some mild dish detergent, warm water, and soft, lint free clothes. You might also want a dry towel. Mix up some vinegar water for the glass or grab the glass cleaner you like as well.  

Tip 3: Clean Glass First 

You’ll want to clean the glass first because when you spray the glass, some of the spray could get on the frames as well. Get the glass squeaky clean and then put the detergent and water directly onto a cloth to wipe down the frames. No more spraying necessary.  

Tip 4: Don’t Forget Tracks 

The tracks aren’t something you notice getting dirty, but you will notice when they start to prevent the windows from opening smoothly. Be proactive about the tracks and rather than ignore them, add them to your regular cleaning list. Wipe them down to get the dirt off and then spray some lubricant on a towel and wipe that into the tracks as well.  

Clayton MO replacement windows

When you have new Clayton, MO replacement windowsit’s easy to ignore them because they’re brand new. But let them sit too long and the dirt will start to build up. Even though they’ll work well and insulate your home for years, they’ll start to look worn down just because of the grim. Wipe them down with just a few minutes of your time every once in a while, and they’ll look as good as new for as many years as you want to keep them. When you’re ready for replacement windows, or if you need cleaning advice, contact Masonry & Glass Systems Inc at (314) 535-6515. You can also visit our showroom and look at examples of some of the products we carry at 1503 S Kingshighway Blvd St Louis, MO 63110.