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Written by Fred Daues on April 30, 2015 in Replacement Windows in St. Louis

New replacement windows in Saint Louis should be designed and installed to manage “COMFORT OFFENDERS”. There are 3 primary areas in a window that are within your control to effectively manage your comfort as well as heating and cooling costs.

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The materials that your window is made from such as the spacer system directly impact the windows ability to fight condensation as well as cold and heat coming through the window. New, warm edge technology that both of our window lines use, Sunrise and Beechworth utilize that technology to eliminate metal spacers that form the perimeter of every new window that you purchase.

The coatings that your glass receives from the factory can dramatically impact the solar heat gain you have in your home. Heat from the sun affects room temperature and thus your comfort. All the glass that we install will meet Energy Star Ratings for the St Louis area designed to minimize your solar heat gain, reduce fade and maximize comfort.

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Nothing is more discouraging than buying new windows and still feeling a draft either through the window or around it. The start of a tight window is installation. Our award winning Angie’s List Super Service installation crews install your window per manufacturer specifications paying particular attention to insulation around the window to stop air leaks. The other factor in air infiltration is window design. Both Sunrise and Beechworth lead their categories in how tight the window is designed and assembled.

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You should always examine the performance for the glass package you are buying , the air infiltration rating of the window and the specifications of the installation. If you cannot quickly get these answers find another contractor.

New Replacement Windows in St. Louis

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Replacement Windows in Saint Louis from Masonry & Glass Systems

1. Stunning new Cove-Mould Face on exterior creates a detailed wood-look.

2. World Class robotic construction adds elegance while eliminating air leaks.

3. The buttery smooth operation of the window due to the balance of Restorations’  Endura-Force™ design.

4. Invisible tilt hardware system enables one-touch operation of the tilt-in feature.

Beauty, elegance, energy efficiency and easy function!  Four great reasons when looking for Sunrise Replacement Windows in St. Louis by Masonry and Glass Systems! For more information on new replacement windows in St. Louis, visit our window site at