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Looking for new replacement windows in St. Louis?

What type of spacer is in my window? Does it matter? What is a spacer?

One of the major changes in window technology over the last couple of years is the spacer used in replacement window glass. A spacer is the material that binds two sheets of glass together to make a thermal window.

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Spacers are made three ways, either all metal, metal and a rubber coating, and all foam. As we all know metal conducts heat and cold and windows with metal spacer systems can condensate much quicker than windows that have spacers without metal. Masonry & Glass Systems uses Super Spacer Warm Edge Foam Technology in its Restorations windows.

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The Super Spacer is the world’s only spacer that delivers true warm edge performance for your windows. Super Spacer Warm Edge Foam Technology helps prevent condensation, frosting and mold growth.

The glass in your windows is constantly expanding or contracting with the heat and cold on the outside as well as on the inside of your home. This constant glass movement is what make the seal between the glass fail as metal spacers will not flex with expansions and the windows fog up and need replacing even though nothing has struck or damaged them. Other companies can say it does not matter because they will replace your window sash if it fails, but guess what? It is you, the customer that has to set two appointments to have this problem fixed. One to see the problem and order the window and the other to have the new sash installed. And, how many times will this occur over the life of your windows? Super Spacer Warm Edge Technology uses foam between the glass that will expand and contract with the movement of the glass and so sash failures are quite rare. This is another reason why our Restorations windows by Sunrise are so highly rated. Warm Edge Technology means more comfort, better energy saving performance and technology and improved sound absorption.

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New Replacement Windows in St. Louis

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St. Louis Double Hung Windows from Masonry & Glass Systems

1. Stunning new Cove-Mould Face on exterior creates a detailed wood-look.

2. World Class robotic construction adds elegance while eliminating air leaks.

3. The buttery smooth operation of the window due to the balance of Restorations’  Endura-Force™ design.

4. Invisible tilt hardware system enables one-touch operation of the tilt-in feature.

Beauty, elegance, energy efficiency and easy function!  Four great reasons to invest in Soft Lite’s Restorations Windows by Masonry and Glass Systems! For more information on new replacement windows in St. Louis, visit our window site at www.mystlwindows.com