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Replacement Windows in St. Louis


Energy efficient replacement windows in St. Louis

This is a unique job to review as it includes adding a decorative third window light at the top of a very tall window opening.  The architectural goal is to add scale to the height but with a design flair.  The energy efficient design of the Restorations window allows this dramatic window replacement look without […]

Using the Wedi Shower System with Glass Blocks

Many times a client wants to maximize the custom look of a glass block doorless shower. This can be done with using special shape blocks to accomplish unique designs. It can also be presented by using different materials within the glass block wall.  Masonry & Glass Systems can professionally install tile and stone within the […]

Replacement Windows in St. Louis

Many times it takes attention to detail to properly install a replacement window.  When Masonry & Glass Systems installs an Restorations window this attention to detail is what you are paying for.  To properly fit a new window to an existing opening requires that the window be sized to the interior opening dimensions.  Sometimes the […]

Glass Block Security Windows in St. Louis
March 7, 2012 in Security Windows

Many times when we are called for a glass block estimate we find basement window frames that are totally rusted.   The frames need to be removed but the interior of the basement may be finished that makes removal very difficult.   Also, when siding is close to the top of the window removal is […]

Glass Blocks For Bathroom Windows in St. Louis
February 14, 2012 in Glass Block Windows

Many times customers ask us how we can fit a glass block window in their existing opening? We answer by stating that we use different size glass blocks that can be mixed by Masonry & Glass Systems to professsionally install any opening.  As you view this picture you can plainly see that mixed sizes are […]

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