replacement windows in Kirkwood, MO

If you know the windows on your house are on the old side, it might be time for replacement windows in Kirkwood, MO. But before you believe everything you hear, it’s a good idea to figure out what the truth is among the myths. These are a few things that are absolutely not true—and why that is the case.

A Window Is A Window

If you’ve walked through a window store to prepare for the project, you know this isn’t true. There are so many options on the market today that of course there are differences in the windows. Every little option makes the window a different window and that forces it to perform in a different manner. As you get to know the details included, you will notice that there are different frame materials, ratings labels, styles, hardware, glass packs and much more. All windows are windows, of course, but what creates the window makes a huge difference in how it will look and perform at your house.

Replacement Windows Are Too Expensive

If the only thing you look at is the bottom line, of course, you are going to think that. You will notice that the windows have a large cost to them and that may be enough to turn you away. But if you really need them, you should look at that cost as an investment, not an expense. You see, new windows are costly, but the money you spend will come back to you. First, the money will return when you have lower utility bills because of the new windows. Second, more money will return when you don’t have to maintain the windows or work on any repairs. And third, the money will return in a big chunk when you sell the home in the future for a higher price because of the windows. New windows cost a lot, but replacements will save you more than you can believe.

Anyone Can Install Replacement Windows

In theory, yes, but can just anyone install them properly? No way. It takes a professional installer to do that job right and to guarantee you the performance you want from the windows. IF you put the windows in yourself or you hire someone that isn’t really qualified, you void the manufacturer warranty and you may not get what you really want from the project.

It’s a shame to go into buying replacement windows in Kirkwood, MO with any of these myths in mind, but when you ask questions at Masonry & Glass Systems Inc, you will be able to straighten the truth out pretty quickly. When you look into details and see the benefits that will come to your home on the other side of the process, you’ll recognize just how much the new windows can change and how worthy they really are. Put some time and effort into making the right choices and you’ll be excited by the results after installation occurs.