window replacement in Kirkwood, MO
Written by admin on January 28, 2019 in Window Replacement

Have you heard of statement pieces? They’re items, like jewelry that, well, make a statement. They stand out and say something about a person’s style and taste. Do you have a statement piece on your home? Inside, perhaps each room has something that makes a statement. A colorful rug in the living room, a contrasting backsplash in the kitchen and so on. But what about outside? Des Peres, MO replacement windows can be your statement piece or, at the very least, they can make a statement. Here are a few things they could say: 


The Homeowners Here Care About Maintenance 

You want your neighbors and your guests to know that you take good care of your home. The outside is just as important at the inside, if not more so. Not everyone sees the inside of your house, right? So the outside needs to be well kept for everyone to know you care about your home. This is especially important when you are going to sell the house. New windows can help you make a statement about home maintenance. 


Those Who Live Here Have Smaller Carbon Footprints Than Others 

We should all think about how much energy we use and how we can reduce that usage. While some do a better job of that than others, we can all make strides in the right direction within our homes. Getting replacement windows makes a huge statement about energy efficiency. Your home is more energy efficient so it uses less energy. You have to pay less on your bills, too, which is a great side effect of the process. 


This Home Has Real Style 

It doesn’t matter how old a home is, it can still have style and replacement windows can help you achieve that look you’ve always wanted. Some windows look great blending into the house with the same color as the siding. If you already have a bright door or another eye-catching element, a neutral, coordinated color works well. Other windows act as accents and are more suited to a contrasting color. Having a light-colored house and black window frames is a huge trend right now and not one that will ever look bad as time goes by. 


These are just a few of the things that Des Peres, MO replacement windows can say about you and your house. The statements they make are important to the appearance and well-being of your home. What else can they say? Find out from the professionals at Masonry & Glass Systems Inc, located at 1503 S Kingshighway Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63110. We work with windows on a daily basis and we know just what kind of a difference they can make on any home, especially a home that really needs new windows. Give us a call at (314) 535-6515 to ask questions or to set up a consultation. We’ll give you advice for free with no obligations included. You can also start your research on our website where there’s plenty of information at