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Do You Need Replacement Windows?

Here are questions that you need to ask your contractor, INCLUDING US when looking for replacement windows St. Louis.

How old are your windows?
If your windows are over 10 years old, the recent improvements in window technology will make a noticeable difference in your comfort and energy savings.

Do your windows appear old and faded?
Technology has made significant improvements to the look of your windows including color matching.

How long are you planning on staying in your home?
If you’re planning on staying in your home for 5-7 years or longer, it makes sense to consider high performance windows. If you’re staying for 3-5 years, there are Sunrise replacement windows that will improve the value of your home and save you money.

Are your windows cold in the winter?
This is the first sign that your window’s performance is out of date.

Can you actually feel the wind by your windows?
More than likely, the window was not installed properly. The seal between your windows and your home is just as important as the quality of window you buy. Masonry & Glass Systems’ installers are factory-trained and they are held to a very high standard of performance. In addition our Restorations replacement windows are an industry leader in blocking air infiltration through the window itself.

Are there cracks and condensation inside your windows?
If this is the case, the seal on your windows is broken or air infiltration is a problem.

The Company You Keep

How long has the window company you’re calling been in business?
Masonry & Glass Systems has been installing replacement windows for over two decades and the company is in its 4th generation of ownership.

Have you checked their BBB rating recently?
Masonry & Glass Systems is an A rated company by the BBB

Have you checked with Angie’s List for any complaints about the company?
Masonry & Glass Systems has won Angie’s List Super Service Award for 4 straight years.

Does the person setting the appointment ‘require’ both decision makers present before they give you an estimate?
This is never a prerequisite for doing business with Masonry & Glass Systems.

Does the company representative want to visit with you and answer your questions in a relaxed way, or do they want to try to close you over and over with ‘money-off’ incentives?
We don’t feel the need to ‘close’ you on the first call. You need time to make a decision and we get that. We are not afraid of other estimates. We encourage you to compare if that makes you more comfortable doing business with us.

Can the company provide references readily?
Masonry & Glass Systems can email a list of references to you.

Does this company have a history of being responsive to any special needs that customers have had in the past?
Masonry & Glass Systems represents Sunrise Replacement Windows a company located within a one-day drive of St. Louis. This assures you we can respond quickly to any unforeseen issue on your project.

Does the price include everything you’ll need to have a complete window system?
Here is what is included on every Masonry & Glass System Window Installation.

1. Window removal from the opening
2. Professional installation of the new window with insulation
3. Exterior weathersealing with silicone caulk and when required, aluminum capping
4. Interior finish to your existing trim
5. Lead containment service when needed
6. Removal of all job related debris
7. All warranty materials

Buying the Latest Technology and Highest Quality

The quality of replacement windows has improved dramatically in the last 10 years. How up to date are the windows your contractor is proposing to install in your home?
Masonry & Glass Systems installs replacement windows by Sunrise. They are a company on the cutting edge of window technology. Beware of price point windows. Often they come with dated technology and are not professionally installed. If you can stand on a window, is that a good measure of how well the window will thermally perform?

Are you working with a company that offers windows manufactured with the latest in robotic technology?
Soft Lite Windows’ uses a 200,000 square foot state of the art robotics manufacturing facility to make their windows. This is why Restorations Windows are so air tight. They are manufactured to tighter tolerances.

Has the window company recently won awards for performance against air infiltration?
Sunrise, through intense research and development, has designed one of the highest performing windows in the industry, Restorations. Masonry & Glass Systems has won Angie’s List Super Service Award for three straight years for installation service.

Replacement Windows St. Louis Window Company

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