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Written by Fred Daues on October 23, 2016 in Replacement Entry Doors

Are you looking for steel entry doors in St. Louis? The difference in steel doors can be very significant in comparing our Pro Via Legacy door to a typical steel door offered by a home center. MORE STEEL EQUALS MORE STRENGTH. If you actually knock on a 24 gauge steel door hard enough you can dent it. The Pro Via Legacy door that Masonry & Glass Systems installs is 20 Gauge steel.

Our 20 gauge door is then dipped in its entirety in a tub of rust resistant coating not sprayed on like other steel doors so the entire door is covered. Our door also has 49% more galvannealed steel than a standard 24 gauge door. Our Legacy steel door is basically a light commercial door that we use for residential applications.

Our door are not only built to be secure and last but are some of the most energy efficient steel doors you can buy. Most of our Legacy doors are Energy Star Certified. The foam filling is computer driven that ensures the proper amount of insulation in each and every door. Our award winning Installers at Masonry & Glass Systems install these Legacy Steel doors so that it will be your last door for that opening. When you purchase an entry door from Masonry & Glass Systems you have an investment in long term quality.

The replacement projects that offer the greatest payback are the ones that are most obvious to buyers as they view the house either in person or online. As always first impressions are important.

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