Written by Fred Daues on April 23, 2018 in Vinyl Windows

Have you ever heard a garage band play? It can be rather loud, especially if you live next door! Even if you don’t have a local garage band in the neighborhood, there are probably noisy things that drive you crazy. Perhaps you have someone nearby with a dog that barks at all hours. Maybe the kids down the street like to scream and yell when you’re trying to nap. Or perhaps you live near a busy street with trucks driving up and down all day long. There are plenty of things that can jolt you out of your relaxation and annoy you to no end. You shouldn’t have to deal with that in your home! You want your Kirkwood, MO home to be your oasis and it should be! So how can you get around the noise? The answer is really quite simple…vinyl windows!

If you’ve noticed that your windows are getting old and are starting to show their age, you might want an upgrade. Getting new windows can do a number of things for your home. They provide energy efficiency, for example. They stop air leaks from coming and going so you can lower your utility bills and remain more comfortable than ever before. If you get a low-e coating on the glass, they can also prevent UV rays from coming into your home. The summers in Missouri can be rather hot and humid, and those sun rays are killer. But there are times on the chilly days when you want warm sun in your home. No matter what it’s like outside, the low-e coating can prevent the UV rays from coming in and fading your flooring, furniture, and other items.

Those are just a few of the benefits you get from new vinyl windows. Those are things you’ve probably heard about as you research the options. But there might be something that’s even more important to your daily life…like sound reduction! Can you imagine how much more peaceful your world would be if you didn’t have to hear the traffic, the barking dog, the kids in the area, and the garage band down the street? You could sleep whenever you wanted and you wouldn’t have to time it around other people’s activities…or worry about being startled awake! New vinyl windows can give you that peace and quiet! A few extra panes of glass can do a lot, and there are other options to sound proof your home even more.

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