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Written by Fred Daues on January 21, 2015 in Wedi Shower Systems

wedi riolito shower pan 5 300x225The Wedi Riolito Shower Pan dramatically changes  the look of any shower no matter what the size. The ability to use large tiles on the base allows for a tremendous amount of design flexability and creativity. The Wedi drain is linear and comes with three cover options including a tileable cover. The cover we used in this shower is our standard brushed stainless steel cover. For planning purposes Wedi makes available complete layout plans for each of its pans including Riolito Trench Drain designs. Masonry & Glass Systems stocks Wedi products for immediate shipment across the USA. Mold proof, mildew proof and if properly installed leak proof is the performance you receive each and every time with Wedi Products……….The words resistant are not in our vocabulary.

Pre-Sloped shower bases featuring the ONLY fully sealed & factory integrated waterproof drain assembly

Linear drain covers available in select finishes for the Wedi Riolito Shower Pan

Unique prefabricated tileable units. Water drains away through a narrow gap between the cover plate and adjacent tiling.

■ Rectangular bases

■ Simple drain hook ups

■ Ideal for small or large format tile with limited cuts

■ Work with waterproof wedi building panels, curbs or ADA ramps

■ Easy drain cleaning

■ No pooling of water possible due to 4-way slope

Wedi Riolito Shower Pan

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If you or someone you know is looking for the Wedi Fundo Riolito & Riofino to complete a glass block shower project, a doorless shower or any other bathroom project where water and moisture is a risk, please contact Masonry & Glass Systems in St. Louis.  For more information, email them at: or call 314-535-6515