Written by Fred Daues on August 16, 2014 in Wedi Shower Systems

Wedi building panels when combined with the liquid applied Wedi vapor barrier AEA VBC 500 form a permanent solution to the threat of water vapor transmission through walls and ceilings. The Wedi system combines insulation as well as a vapor retarder in one system. The steam room was designed within an existing master bath. Then a 6 x 6 Wedi fundo base was installed with Wedi wall board in walls and ceilings and a soap niche. Note the slant of the ceiling to promote condensation to run down the walls instead of dripping off the ceiling into the faces of the occupants. The attached video shows the complete Wedi installation before the vapor barrier is installed. All joints are completely full of Wedi sealant and screws and washers are indented and covered.

wedi steam room 2

wedi steam room 1 150x150

The Wedi building panels unlike other foam boards are strong yet flexible. They do not compress under normal floor loads and they do not break like some rigid backerboards.

Wedi building panels are odorless and chemically inert. Because the wedi building panels have no food value, mold and mildew is never a problem.

The panels are very easy to work with as they are very lightweight and do not generate dust like cement boards when they are cut.

It offers:

Extremely fast installation
100% Waterproof, No exceptions
No organic material to facilitate mold
Will NOT Wick water
Easy to cut with common tools without dust


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