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Written by Fred Daues on September 10, 2018 in Window Replacement

When you go to look at Des Peres, MO replacement windows, you already know that the frame material you choose is highly important to the energy efficiency of the windows. But the window frames are getting smaller and the glass space is getting larger. That means the glazing on the window glass is just as important as any other decision you make. You can choose your glazing based on your home design, your climate, or your window orientation. Here are a few things to consider that can help with the choices.  

Number Of Panes 

Single pane windows are a thing of the past—with good reason. Even in moderate climates, single pane windows aren’t energy efficient. Any replacement windows you get will at least have double pane glass. You just have to decide if you want to add another layer and upgrade to triple pane windows. Triple pane glass will have better insulation and a lower U-factor. They will also cost more so you’ll have to weigh the upfront cost with the eventual savings.  

Gas Fillings 

It’s normal for windows to have space between the panes of glass and that can be filled with air, but it can also be filled with an inert gas that seals the windows even better and insulates your home further. Argon and Krypton gas are the most popular options. While argon is cheaper and more readily available, krypton is an even better insulator.  

Low-E Coatings 

The low-E coating is helpful in any area of the country, especially Des Peres. This coating is an ultra-thin metal that doesn’t show when you look through the glass. It’s placed on the inside of the panes and reduces energy loss since it reflects heat. That means it’ll reflect the heat of the sun back out in the summer and the heat you’re using inside back into the house in the winter. It helps reduce costs every season of the year.  

Coatings With Spectral Selection 

Technology has really come a long way and that is evident with this option. These coatings reflect particular wavelengths, like infrared rays. They are transparent, but you get a low U-factor and SHGC while you still see as much as you want outside. You can rid yourself of unwanted heat gains without covering the window or blocking any light.  

Des Peres MO replacement windows

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