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Written by admin on October 4, 2021 in Window Replacement

Glass has been around for such a long time that we often take it for granted. Read on if you want to learn about replacement windows in Chesterfield, MO.

It’s good to learn about the history of this material to truly appreciate it for all of the uses it has. If you counted the number of times you saw glass during your daily routine, it would shock you how often it showed up.

Therefore, we’re going to wind back time and tell you exactly when glass was invented so you can be better informed.

Natural Glass

Before what we know as the glass was invented, people used natural glass in their daily lives.

You might be wondering what natural glass is or if I just made that up on the spot! There was, in fact, natural glass and it’s still around to this day.

A good example of natural glass is obsidian, which is made from the magma that erupts from a volcano.

The natural glass was used by people back in the day to craft a variety of products. These products ranged from weapons, such as arrowheads and knives, to more precious goods like money and jewelry.

While the natural glass was useful and beneficial, since it was able to be gathered naturally, it is not the glass we’ve come to use in mass today.

Glass (as we know it)

If Roman historian Pliny had anything to say about when the first man-made glass was created, he would tell us it was in 5000 BC in the region of Syria by Phoenician merchants.

However, through much research and archaeological evidence, it is generally certain to say that the first man-made glass was forged around 3500 BC in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Following the first development of the glass we know today, there was a stretch of about 300 years where glass production boomed!

This would not prove to last very long as the production of glass practically ground to a halt. It would be another 2500 years before glass production picked up again and became a factor in the trade market.

Mesopotamia saw the utility of glass and began creating it again around 700 BC. Egypt was not far behind and, 200 years later, started their own production of glass again in 500 BC.

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What This Means For You

It’s always good to understand the history of people, ideas, and material things. I bet you didn’t know too much about glass before you came upon this article.

When you’re walking around your house and look out of your glass windows, now you’ll know the deep history of an object you most likely take for granted day after day.

We’re all guilty of doing this from time to time, so it’s good to be reminded of how lucky we are to have awesome materials, such as glass, that provide us with value in our lives.

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