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Written by Fred Daues on August 10, 2020 in Window Replacement

When you get replacement windows in Chesterfield, MO, getting vinyl materials is a nice way to cut back on maintenance. New windows shouldn’t have any repair needs, but you will want to maintain them so they will continue to look nice. The maintenance list on vinyl windows is very short. You just have to clean them. That’s all! While regularly wiping them down will help, there might occasionally be some gunk stuck on them that needs a little more help. You know when you drive down the interstate, the bugs pile up on your windshield. While your house doesn’t go anywhere, the bugs come to it and if you find a window with some dead bugs stuck to it, it can take a little more than a quick wiping to get the bugs off. Bugs aren’t something you want to have laying around on windows. They detract from the appearance and you don’t want them staining the vinyl. Here are some tips:

Use A Light Brush

After you rinse the windows off with a hose or a wet cloth, scrub them with a soft brush to loosen the bugs from the vinyl. With any luck, the wetness and the scrubbing will take them right off. You can then rinse the frames off a second time and then let them air dry.

Mild Cleaner

You can also use mild cleaning soap on the window frames. Mix it in with some water to make bubbles or apply it to a cloth and rub it right on the frame. You might want to do that, then use the soft brush and scrape the bugs off the windowsill.

The Sooner The Better

Bugs, just like in your car, can get sealed to the windows in heat. That makes them stickier and harder to get off. If you walk by your window and notice some bug build up, it’s better to tackle to project sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the harder the bugs may be to get off the frames.

Chesterfield MO replacement windows

You notice bugs on the windowpanes because you look out of those on a daily basis. If you see bugs on the windowpane, there may very well be some on the frames as well. It’s worth a look and a bit of time to get things cleaned up.

If you are ready to get new windows, there are plenty of options to consider. The professionals, when you are making plans, during the installation, and even after replacement windows in Chesterfield, MO can help you with advice on how to keep your windows clean and looking as good as new. Keep in mind that even if you do nothing to your vinyl windows, they are going to maintain their efficiency. That’s one of the benefits of getting new windows in vinyl materials in the first place. Talk to the professionals at Masonry & Glass Systems Inc about any questions you have, even after you get your windows installed and need cleaning advice.