Written by Fred Daues on April 24, 2017 in Replacement Windows in St. Louis

When you place two similar, yet different products side by side in Brentwood, MO, sometimes a feud breaks out. One thinks it is better than the other. In reality, we recognize that both are valuable but serve different purposes. That doesn’t mean we can tell them that! Let’s stand back and listen in as replacement windows and doors air their differences.

Replacement Windows: I’m energy efficient. The homeowner reading this will want to buy me because I will save them a lot of money on their utility bills. Plus, after the upfront costs, I will raise the value of their home as well.

Replacement Doors: You may as well be talking about me. Everything you said about yourself is true for me too. But I get used a lot more often than you do. Homeowners open and close me all the time. All they ever do is look through you. It’s like you’re not even there.

Replacement Windows: Now that’s not true! I open and close too and when I’m new, I’m easy to operate. Homeowners can open me and enjoy the great weather in Brentwood, MO. It’s much easier to open a window than a whole big door.

Replacement Doors: But I’m much harder to break. You don’t see an accidental ball breaking through me. And intruders? Forget about it! I’m as strong as an ox!

Replacement Windows: Sure, glass can break, but when you put in double pane windows Brentwood, MO or even triple pane glass, it’s much harder to break. I’m not as vulnerable as you think. Intruders will see my new features and technology and forget about even trying to break in!

Okay, I think it’s time for us to step in here. Replacement windows and doors, take a step back from one other. Windows, you’re highly energy efficient, we admit that. But doors, so are you! You both create a tight seal with the home and allow it to use less energy than before. You save money! And guess what? You both protect the home as well. In fact, windows and doors, you really have the same benefits for homeowners. You just operate in slightly different manners. Can you agree that you’re both valuable?

Replacement Windows: I know I am! And I supposed doors are as well.

Replacement Doors: I can see how windows are handy…

Good. Done deal. If your home in Brentwood, MO needs replacement windows and doors, we promise to keep their bickering to a minimum. They both bring a lot of benefits to your home and life. Call Masonry & Glass Systems at 314-535-6515 today to ask questions or set up a consultation appointment to. You are also welcome to visit our showroom to see the types of products we offer in both windows and doors. We’re located at 1503 S Kingshighway Blvd, St Louis, MO 63110 and we’d love to help you with your windows and doors! Whether you want one or the other or both, we’re ready for you!