Written by Fred Daues on October 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Of course you want the right windows in your home. They allow light and air into the house and they can even provide you with an emergency exit if the need were to arise. However, windows don’t always offer privacy and when you are at home; you don’t always want everyone outside to have the ability to see what you are doing. With some sort of covering, treatment or a few other options, you can get the privacy you need from your windows in Des Peres, MO. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Frosted Windows

If you are getting new windows, it is a good time to take privacy into consideration. Of course, you can always add window treatments to your current windows, but you don’t always want to block the view or the window area with something big and bulky. Frosted glass, which is also known as etched glass, is a great option that is offered in custom etched patterns. The glass is translucent, but provides complete privacy at the same time. Many people like this type of window in the bathroom or on the front door so you can have natural light, but also privacy.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass makes a beautiful window and can provide privacy as well. These windows are often more expensive, but when you put them in the right location, they are a unique addition to any home. They are often used in windows near the front door so they show form the street, but also give privacy.

Textured Glass

This popular way to provide privacy is often used in the bathroom. Instead of smooth glass, the windows have textured finishes on them. You can’t see much through the glass because everything is distorted. You might see this type of glass on shower doors as well as on windows in the bathroom.

Smart Glass

The high tech way to add privacy is smart glass. This glass changes its appearance when voltage is applied. It can be transparent or translucent and when you flip the switch, it can change from one to another. It is often installed in homes in bathrooms, on front doors, or around patio doors.

Window Film

If you already have windows in place and you aren’t ready for a replacement, try a window film. These decals can be used on any window and you can apply them inside. They can be removed later if you want to change back.

Privacy is an important consideration when you are looking into new windows home in Des Peres. You want all of the details to be just right, and privacy is definitely something that will make a difference in the way your house functions. Give Masonry & Glass Systems a call at 314-535-6515 and let us help with all of the decisions. We’ll give you the details and you can make the final call! Stop by and see us at 1503 S Kingshighway Blvd St Louis, MO 63110.