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Written by admin on July 11, 2022 in Window Replacement

If you want to keep your windows in excellent condition, you do not have to clean them every weekend. Washing the windows on a regular basis is essential since it is one of your home’s first lines of protection against various intrusions. In order for your windows to remain clean, they must be thoroughly cleaned both inside and out. Your vision may get impaired, and you will lose out on crucial natural light due to not cleaning your windows. Cleaning your windows correctly from the beginning is essential if you do not want streaks on them. Replacement windows Chesterfield, MO experts recommend that you follow the following window cleaning advice to avoid streaks on your windows. Using the proper cleaning chemicals and following the proper cleaning techniques will help windows look their best.

Why should you bother about cleaning windows?

With clean windows, you will see more clearly outside your window. Window dirt may offer you a hint about what is going on inside, even if it is impossible to see through the windows themselves. This is why most homeowners want that their windows have the same aesthetic appeal as when they were first installed. A well-kept house will be more inviting and give you a better feeling of connectedness to the world beyond your front door. On the other hand, finding the best way to clean your windows without smearing might be difficult. Cleaning your windows at least once a year is recommended in order to take advantage of longer days and greener surroundings throughout the spring and summer months. 

Supplies and tools

To execute a basic cleaning task on your windows, you will need a few items, such as:

  • Brush or a sponge
  • Drying squeegee made of rubber
  • lint-free or microfiber cloth that is absorbent
  • Clean rag or cloth
  • bucket with cleaning solution in it
  • Large towel for interior floor protection

Steps on how to clean your windows

Step 1. Prepare your cleaning solution

step 1 cleaning solution

You can try a few different window cleaners, but the majority of professionals advise using a straightforward solution of water and dish soap. A paper towel or newspaper and a spray bottle will only shift the dirt and cleaning agent around, leaving the windows streaky and foggy. Ammonia or alcohol-based glass cleaners should be avoided. A thorough cleaning may have left streaks and even a thin layer that collects dust and moisture.

Step 2. Clean the windows

step 2 clesning the windows

It is time to undertake a thorough top-to-to-bottom cleaning of the windows. For windows with several small panes, a sponge can be used, and a squeegee can be used for picture windows that are larger. In the cleaner bucket, dunk your sponge. Wipe the entire window down after wringing off the extra water and making sure to reach all the corners.

Regardless of how tough the stain is, it would be best if you never resorted to using a blade of any type. Consequently, your window’s surface may be permanently damaged, making them more susceptible to shattering in the years to come.

Step 3. Wipe the windows dry

step 3 wiping windows dry

Wipe away any excess solution using a lint-free cloth or sponge. Paper towels that are soft and clean are OK, but microfiber cloths are preferable. You may avoid streaking by rubbing in a variety of directions.

Use the rubber blade on the squeegee to wipe away the water vertically from top to bottom on small-paned windows. Use horizontal strokes to create a photo window. Work your way down the window starting at the top. Each stroke should be spaced apart by a few centimeters (a few inches), and in between each stroke, dry the blade with a lint-free cloth.


Window cleaning turns out to be a simple process. On top of all that, window cleaning has become more convenient and less time-consuming due to the availability of a wide range of solutions. Whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional, following these tips will help you get the job done efficiently. If you require the help of professional window experts, replacement windows in Chesterfield, MO have you covered! You won’t need anything or anybody else.