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Written by admin on May 15, 2023 in Window Replacement

There might be a concern that you can’t match the windows you already have in your home when you want to add window replacement Chesterfield, MO to your home, but you don’t want to replace them all. If your windows are old and you don’t know the brand or the location where you purchased them, this can be hard. If you are worried about matching your old windows and need some help finding some that look the same, be sure to consider these points when looking for the right ones for your home.

Replace Sections

You may need to replace nearby sections of windows if you aren’t able to find replacement windows that match those you need. You may just want to replace the windows in the front of your home so all of those matches or are on the side of your house. You can also just replace windows in a certain room. You might have hoped they would all match but if it’s not possible to find them all, you might need to do a small section and wait for more of the same type to become available or to save up some money so you can buy a few new windows for your home and they will all look the same

Paint Them

When you are able to find similar or matching windows and frames, keep in mind that the frames will vary. Painting them might be necessary. Sometimes certain styles are only available in specific colors so although you can find them, you will need to make some adjustments to them. You can either hire them yourself or hire a team who will be able to paint them to your liking and the correct colors. You may decide that you like the color of the windows better in the new shade and want to make it so the others match. You can have someone paint all of the windows in your home.

replacement windows in Chesterfield MO 16 300x225Hide The Differences

Even if you choose to get new windows that are slightly different, chances are you won’t notice the difference too much. Sometimes the windows are very much the same but may have just slight differences that can easily be hidden with some of the decorations or landscaping in your home. You may not be able to find perfect matches but you can find something that is close enough and will be able to hide it with small features that will make a big difference and help improve the look of your home and your windows.

If you are planning to get window replacement Chesterfield, MO and you are worried about finding the right windows for your home. You might not be able to find windows that match the ones that are currently installed in your home because there are many different types available. If you are planning to buy new windows and need some help choosing the right ones, be sure to call us. We have many different options and will be happy to help you find the perfect fit for your home.