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Written by admin on August 8, 2022 in Window Replacement

A window frame is a structure that holds windows in place. It holds casements and sashes and attaches a window to a building. It also helps to seal the window with strippings to regulate airflow. A frame is a binding agent for a window. Your window frame must be installed properly and treated with care during a window replacement. Replacement windows in Chesterfield, MO have professionals with the skills needed for the job.

What Your Window Frame Does for You

Here are some reasons to appreciate your window frame for;

Structural Support. The frame is a foundation for other parts of your window. It attaches a window to the building firmly and allows parts of the windows to move.

Regulation. Sealed windows will prevent the flow of water and reduce the flow of air when closed. It only allows a small amount of air during unfavorable weather conditions. Insects cannot also pass through these windows; they are essential to buildings that require regulated conditions.

Heat Insulation. With reduced airflow, heat exchange between the outside and inside of the building is also reduced. Therefore, you can control the temperature of a room more accurately.

Aesthetics. Frames are designed and colored in such a way that it complements the building. A factor determining the choice of materials in building a window frame is aesthetics.

Types of Materials Used in Window Frames

Vinyl. Vinyl has a decent life span and is easy to install and maintain. It can be sealed to regulate air and moisture flow, adapted into any style, and made into any size. Vinyl comes in different colors.

Vinyl materials can not be repainted or recolored, and their original colors fade over time. It offers little resistance to cold weather. Vinyl is not a renewable material, and its production process is not safe.

Wood. Wood is the most common and oldest material used in window frames. It is a renewable and affordable material that adds natural beauty to a building. Wood offers great insulation (sound and heat), and You can paint it any color. Hardwoods are the most durable material for windows but are quite expensive.

However, wood can be easily damaged by human and environmental factors. Impacts on the frame will crack it, insects can destroy it, and the continuous absorption and release of moisture will twist it. Wood requires a lot of maintenance.

replacement windows in Chesterfield MO 3 300x200Fiberglass. It is a strong and light material made of recyclable glass fibers. It is durable and does not change size with temperature; it is a very good insulating material. Although, it is very expensive and hard to install. It does not leave many options for design.

Aluminum. Aluminum is another lightweight, durable material. Its frames are narrower, giving room for bigger glass panes. It is easy to maintain aluminum frames.

Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor and thus a poor material for insulation. It offers little resistance to water and moisture and reacts with salt waters. Adding wood to aluminum will improve its performance; however, it will increase the originally low price of an aluminum frame.

If you need materials to choose from or experts to talk to, reach out to replacement windows in Chesterfield, MO.