Chesterfield, MO replacement windows
Written by admin on May 23, 2022 in Window Replacement

When selecting windows for replacement or new construction, there are numerous factors to consider. To make things easier, replacement windows in St. Louis are here to assist. Materials for the frames, glazing options, and energy efficiency are critical considerations. Window style variations exist as well. Some of them are modifications or combinations of other designs. Common window types include:

  • Double-hung window.
  • Double-hung with muntins
  • Slider windows
  • Fixed Windows
  • Roof windows or sky windows

Double-Hung Windows

This window design is probably the most familiar, even if you aren’t aware of its formal name. Two huge sashes (frame pieces surrounding glass panels) glide up and down within vertical rails in double-hung windows.


Double-hung windows are most common in traditional-style homes, but they are seen in traditional-modern homes. For example, double-hung windows are common in the classic rambler, farmhouse, and bungalow styles.


When double-hung windows are set low in a wall, they provide a big aperture for children when the bottom sash is open, which can be a safety problem.

Window (Single-Hung)

The single-hung window is a variation on the double-hung window. In the same way that double-hung windows have two independent upper and lower sashes, single-hung windows do as well. A single-hung window differs from a double-hung window in that the upper sash is set in place, leaving just the lower sash moveable.

Double-Hung Windows with Mutins

The bigger sashes are partitioned into smaller panes within the larger frames using a grid of horizontal and vertical muntins in this simple variant of the double-hung window. The muntins may hold separate little glass panels in older or more expensive new windows, but in many modern muntin windows, the impression is provided by a grill of wood or plastic pieces that merely rest over a huge pane of class.


A double-hung-with-muntin window is similar to a traditional double-hung window. However, it has a slightly more traditional, ornate appearance acceptable for colonial, Victorian, or other classic styles.

Windows With Sliders

Slider windows are side-by-side windows that slide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks. Both windows glide in certain designs, whereas one is stationary and the other moves side to side in others.


Slider windows are prevalent in homes designed in the mid-century modern style (they were popular in new construction during the 1950s and 60s). Sliders are a wonderful option when you need to open and close windows frequently.

Fixed Window

Any window with a fixed glass pane within a window frame that does not open or close refers to a fixed window. A fixed window is most commonly associated with the classic picture window. However, there are others.


When ventilation or egress are not required, fixed windows are employed to provide a view or light.

replacement windows in Chesterfield MO 3Roof Windows or Skylights

Roof windows and skylights can interchange, although a skylight refers to a permanent window inserted in a roofline. In contrast, a roof window is a closed window that opens and closes to offer ventilation.


Roof windows and skylights are ideal for bringing light into the attic or upper regions where there isn’t enough window wall space. They can also use framed shafts or chases from the skylight through the attic to the ceiling below to improve light and ventilation in large “open-concept” areas. Replacement windows in St. Louis, MO are always ready to provide you with the best windows replacement services.