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wedi baWHY NOT?… If you or your client wants a tile shower the answer should be a resounding, “Why not!” Don’t let the antiquated procedures of installing a tile shower limit your options.

Tile showers match the rest of the bathroom!
Tile showers can be gorgeous!
Tile showers can be warm!
Tile showers can be economical!
Tile showers can be wheel-chair accessible.

So, “Of course!” you want a tile shower, but you need a system that makes it possible for tile jobs to be easy, economical and trouble-free.

The Wedi Shower System is just what you need to put an end to every obstacle standing between you and that tile shower you or your client has always wanted. Wedi Shower systems include everything you need to build a tile-ready shower – any size, any shape, any style. Insist on Wedi and you be empowered like never before.

No more water leaks.

No more mold and mildew.

No more limitations.

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Masonry & Glass Systems can ship Wedi
backer board material almost anywhere.
We ship custom Wedi Shower Systems every week!

We ship Wedi to all 48 Lower States

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There are many types of backerboards for shower walls which offer varying degrees of moisture protection. Some will absorb and pass water extensively. Many are treated on one face or both with a water resistant coating, others are mixed with absorption slowing agents which help slow the saturation of water process. Additional waterproofing membranes  are commonly specified by backerboard manufacturers but this can be an expensive labor intensive multi step process.

The answer to all of these problems is Wedi Backerboard.

It offers:

Extremely fast installation
100% Waterproof, No exceptions
No organic material to facilitate mold
Will NOT Wick water
Easy to cut with common tools without dust

The Wedi total shower solution includes many sizes of bases that can be cut to match any size shower and include the drain assembly. Soap niches and benches are a snap to install. Wedi is the answer to leaking, moldy showers.

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If you or someone you know is looking for the Wedi Backer Board to complete a glass block shower project, a doorless shower or any other bathroom project where water and moisture is a risk, please contact Masonry & Glass Systems in St. Louis.  For more information, email them at: or call 314-535-6515

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