Written by Fred Daues on March 27, 2017 in Windows & Doors

Are replacement windows and doors on your ‘want’ list for your Webster Grove, MO home? You know you want, or even need, replacement windows and doors, but when is the best time to install them? When you live in Missouri, you know there are seasonal changes that can affect home improvement projects. So when should you call to start the process?

Winter Replacement Windows and Doors

Missouri can be cold, snowy, and wet during the winter. It can present unique installation challenges for a variety of reasons. There is no reason why we can’t install replacement windows and doors on your home during the winter. But if you schedule during this time, be prepared to reschedule in case the weather is too cold. We don’t want to move ahead with the project if the temperatures will prevent the caulk from setting well. The benefit to winter installations is that it’s the slow season. You might get a good deal or have a flexible schedule to work around. And installing new windows and doors in the winter is better than going the whole winter in a cold and drafty home that has low energy efficiency.

Spring Replacement Windows and Doors

Once the ground thaws out and you want to throw your windows open, but can’t because they’re old and painted shut, you may really want replacement windows and doors badly. Spring is a great time for new windows and doors, but everyone else thinks that too. Demand increases as warm weather increases so you will want to schedule your installation in advance. Weather-wise, you’re in good shape if you choose spring.

Summer Replacement Windows and Doors

Summer is another busy season for replacing windows and doors, but keep in mind that humidity is on the rise in Webster Grove, MO. When windows are being removed from your house and then replaced, humidity will seep inside. You’ll want to turn your AC up so it doesn’t run constantly. And once we’re done, you’ll have to run it more to catch up. There are also bug issues to deal with in the summer. They can get in through the openings and bother you.

Fall Replacement Windows and Doors

Fall is the end of the busy season and as things wind down, dates can be more flexible. It is a good idea to work on these replacement projects before winter hits so you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home when it gets cold again. Once your replacement windows and doors are in, you’ll love the cost savings on your utility bills all winter long.

You can have replacement windows and doors in Webster Grove, MO installed by qualified professionals any season of the year. Masonry & Glass Systems has done enough installations to know how to work with any condition. Visit us today at 1503 S Kingshighway Blvd St Louis, MO 63110 and see the products we have to offer. You can also call for a consultation appointment at (314) 535-6515.